Are we being represented?

3/19 Votes

The NH House and Senate were in session the week of 3/18 and took the following recorded votes:

The House passed:
HB 109, which requires background checks on commercial

HB 277, which establishes a commission to study the public option in health insurance, by a vote of 211-141;

HB 514, which imposes a waiting period between the time of purchase and delivery of a firearm, by a vote of 199-147;

HB 558, which restricts the distribution of plastic straws, by a vote of 196-146;

SB 1, which establishes a family and medical leave policy, by a vote of 196-146 (it already passed the Senate);

HB 582, on participation in the regional greenhouse gas initiative, by a vote of 215-132.

On all of these votes, Reps. Aldrich, Bean, Jurius and Mackie voted NO.
On SB 1 in the Senate, Sens. French and Giuda voted NO.
There were no recorded votes of interest to the Lakes Region this week.

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