Gilford and Meredith have separate town committees but frequently combine meetings due to our shared district for New Hampshire House.

Each town’s Committees caucus separately at which time officers and delegates at large are elected. This year our Gilford caucus was held on Tuesday, January 29th. Congratulations to our new Executive Officers and Delegates at Large:

Committee Officers


  • Johnna Davis-Chair
  • Diane Hanley-Vice Chair
  • Gaye Fedorchak-Secretary
  • Cynthia Davis-Treasurer
  • Michael Dowe-Delegate at Large
  • Julien Davis-Delegate at Large

Meredith caucus was held Tuesday, February 5th . Congratulations to the following Executive Officers and Delegates at Large:


  • Lynn Thomas-Chair
  • Rod Ladman-Vice Chair
  • Shelley Carita-Secretary
  • Barbara Nealon-Treasurer
  • Rick DeMark-Delegate at Large
  • Dara McCue-Delegate at Large
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